Regarding services this Sunday (March 15). A message from the elders:

The Lord reigns, let the earth rejoice; let the many coastlands be glad (Psalm 97:1)

Isn’t it good to know that today and every day, the Lord reigns. As the COVID-19 virus spreads around the globe we can trust completely in the Lord and rest in his infinite power and celebrate his incomprehensible goodness to us. As we trust and rest in him, we can scorn panic and conquer fear. So now is a great time to worship: privately and corporately.

As of now, we will be having our regularly scheduled worship service this Sunday at 10:30 A.M.

Sunday school was already cancelled for this Sunday due to Spring break. As of now, we have no plans to cancel it for the rest of the semester.

As of now, we are not officially canceling our mid-week activities. Please be in contact with your group leader for the latest information. Some groups will cancel, others will not.

The Elders are continuously monitoring this dynamic situation and will keep you informed of any changes.

Please know that we support you and your family as you decide how to handle this situation. If you are high risk do to health issues, age, or a compromised immune system, you have our blessing to miss services for as long as you think it is necessary. You can view the broadcast of the service on Facebook live.

Finally, by the time this note lands in your inbox, the situation could have changed. We will update you via email as often as necessary. You can also follow developments on our Facebook page.

We love you and trust the Lord with you, to use even this virus to bring honor and glory to his own great Name.

Grace and Peace,

FBC Elders