Parents, we take it as a weighty honor and privilege to care for your sons and daughters this weekend! Please don’t hesitate to call me with any questions at all! Andy (979) 571-5780. (If you cannot reach me at camp, try the Camp Tejas office (979) 366-2422.)

Please have your student(s) at church Friday 6pm sharp, already fed (NO Dinner provided), with both signed waivers. (Download above.)

Our most trusted college and young adult leaders will be driving their small group in a caravan led by me to Camp Tejas and back. (1038 Pvt Rd 2191, Giddings, TX 78942)

We will return to Faith Bible Church Sunday, approx. 12pm, about the same time church lets out.

Please text me ASAP if you have any food allergies or medications you are currently taking. Andy (979) 571-5780

Please pack:
– casual clothes for saturday and sunday
– one pair of old clothes for the mud games
– swim suit (for optional activities: canoe, pool, lake, mud, etc.)
– towel, toiletries
– pillow, sleeping bag/blanket (bunk bed/mattress provided)
– Bible
– optional: flash light, money for snacks/souvenirs
– phones/electronics ARE allowed at camp (as long as they are not a distraction from hearing and interaction). We will ask students to stay off electronics during meetings, small groups and after lights out.



The retreat is called “INVISIBLE” because we’re studying the book of ESTHER, in which we don’t see the word “God” once. Yet His invisible hand moving behind the scenes is undeniable. Like today… we don’t see Jesus physically. But we can learn to look for Him at work behind the scenes in everything, as we pursue a relationship with Him.

There is a lot of crazy drama in the book of Esther. Even when things look like they are going crazy, God is at work behind the scenes working out justice and bringing salvation in His timing. With the constant drama and injustice in our lives today, it is a reassuring truth that God is still in control, still caring for you, and still giving salvation in Jesus, even though we can’t “see” Him.

Please don’t hesitate to text/call me with any questions at all! Andy (979) 571-5780.

Also we will try to post some photo updates on instagram if you would like to follow us @fbc_link