No In Person Activities until Sunday, October 25th

Howdy Faith Family.

Thank you for your continued patience with us as we work through the COVID-19 situation. This week the church has been notified that more than one member tested positive for the virus. After evaluating the situation, we feel it’s necessary to suspend all in-person church activities until Sunday, October 25th.

We WILL offer church services online only on Sunday morning via our YouTube Channel. Individual small groups will not meet this week, and leaders will determine whether to offer virtual activities.In the coming days, we will continue to evaluate the situation and offer further updates as appropriate. You are encouraged to follow CDC guidelines with regard to your care and exposure to others. Please don’t allow this to discourage you.

Know that we love you and are ready to chat if you need us. Let’s all gather virtually and worship the Lord this Sunday.

Thank you again for your patience, Your FBC Elders