Services Resume October 25

Howdy, Faith Family.

“This is the day that the Lord has made.  We will rejoice and be glad in it!”  That’s the glorious truth that we share.  Our joy is not tied to our circumstances, but to the Lord Jesus; the King of kings who loves us.  

Thank you for your patience last week as the elders felt it necessary to take a week off to minimize the spread of COVID within the body.  We are looking forward to returning to worshiping together this Sunday, October 25th.  All normal church activities will resume, starting Sunday.  

And thank you for your prayers for those who have suffered with illness this last couple weeks.  Keep that up!  

We do need to remind you that Faith Bible Church, like any gathering of people, is highly likely to have people who are positive for COVID.  We have no way of knowing who might be infected, if they might transmit it, nor what the effect will be on anyone who gets it.  That’s why we ask you to be obedient to Jesus and follow the leading of the Spirit in making decisions about whether to participate in-person or online (via YouTube services, zoom small groups, or just a phone call to a member of the Faith Family).

We encourage you to continue to take personal responsibility for your health and (a) if you don’t feel well, stay home, (b) if you’re concerned about the effects COVID might have on you, stay home, (c) if you test positive for COVID, please follow CDC recommended guidelines for your healthcare and notifying those who have been exposed to you.  

Finally, know that we love you deeply. We are always concerned for your physical health and are eager to pray with you and for you.  And we are focused on your spiritual health.  The deepest desire of our hearts is that you know the Lord and grow in your faith in Him, filled will the Holy Spirit who can provide you with perfect peace.  

Call on any one of us if you need us or if you have questions.  If you are staying home and would like to know how to plug in to online church activities, give us a call and we can chat with you about it.  Thank you for continuing to love the Lord and each other.  May the Lord be glorified in all this, and in each of our own lives.  

The FBC elders